Our Products :

• Battery Making Machinery

Positive Tubular Plate Filling Machines

Vacuum Dry Charging Machines

Traction Heat Sealing Machines

Battery Plate Pasting Machines

Air Pressure Test Equipments

Lug Brushing Machines With Dust    Collector

Battery Serial Number Punching    Machines

Company Profile
 Mission Statement
To ensure customer delight by surpassing customer expectations and delivering superior quality machines which are
- simple to operate
- easy to maintain
- reputed for high quality product output
- economical to run
- very reasonably priced
- known to consistently deliver the specified quantity output
We believe in continual improvement with a view to help you achieve higher levels of productivity at lower cost.
The manufacturing of machines is done in a systematic and planned manner using components of good quality. We ensure quick and on-time delivery so that the customer's project is not delayed
The battery manufacturing process environment, productivity requirements and end product desired from the machine are all well understood by us and this enables us to properly design the machine for superior performance and output characteristics.
The machines are supplied along with an operation & maintenance manual which specifies the installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance procedures in an easy to understand user friendly format. This manual also gives the fault, cause and remedy so that our customer has all the details for refernce in the unlikely event of a fault.
A major UNIK advantage at no additional cost is our expertise in the process of battery manufacturing.
We are able to validate, verify and review any newly designed machine at our factory since we ourselves also manufacture batteries. We also understand the requirerments of the machine user better than a machine manufacturer who does not produce batteries.
All machines manufactured by us undergo extensive trials at our works prior to dispatch.
We suggest to the customer that he or his representative visit us for a trial run demonstration of the machines ordered on us - prior to dispatch.
The trial run and consequent training of the customer or his representative ensures that the
- operating procedures are followed in line with the O & M manual
- fault finding and remedial action is easily understood by the user
- process parameters are clear
- spares recommended are identifiable and known to the user
- test methods with respect to output product are standardized
- machine maintenance requirements defined in the O & M manual are clearly understood
 Spares & After - Sales Service
The spares required for the machine are specified and details of vendors of spares are listed in the O & M manual. At times of ''emergency requirements of spares'' it the components are not available readily in the market we support customers needs from our stocks or arrange for spares on priority basis.
 Information to Customers
We strive to provide as much information as possible by way of technical notes FAQ's, slide show presentations etc. so that customer can make an informed decsion about his purchase. The details provided enable our customers to compare us to our competitors on a like for like basis.
UNIK Techno Systems Pvt. Ltd. is located at Pune about 150 kms. south of Mumbai.
Pune is well connected with major metro cities of india by road, rail and air. The factory is in M. I. D. C. area of Bhosari which is approx. 20 kms. from Pune railway station.
The factory is behind Century Enka near the indrayani nagar chowk.
 Technical Support services
Due to our expertise in battery plate manufacturing, battery assembly and testing procedures backed by over 50 years of experience in the battery industry we are in a position to answer the various queries of our customers.
We ensure that the queries of our customers coming to us are satisfactorily answered not only with regard to the machines but also in respect of the related processes.